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      Ekfraseis Winery was established in 2013 at Chandria, a village in the Limassol district. It was the creation and inspiration of winemaker Christos Vassiliades, a restless, trained winemaker who makes sure to leave his personal touch on all stages of the production process. The Winery is a modern, well structured, and fully equipped vinification unit, located in the centre of the second highest mountain community of Cyprus, the village of Chandria, on the foot of Madari, at an altitude of 4000 feet. It possibly is the winery situated at the highest altitude in Europe, utilizing some of the highest altitude vineyards not only in Europe but also worldwide. The winery is housed in a simple building on the main road passing through Chandria and connects many communities of the Pitsilia region. Geographically it is situated lower than the main vineyards. Simple yet ergonomic, it completely expresses the minimalist, plain approach of the estate’s owner towards the production of wine. It features all necessary spaces of processing, storing, and ageing, which have been shaped based on the particularities of mountainous vineyards and the demands that emerge during the harvest period. The establishments and equipment can support the entity of production methods for all wine types: the classic vinification methods, and some alternative inspirations of the winemaker as well- which frequently lead to the creation of rare and select wines. The production of quality wines with an intense distinctiveness is where we aim our constant efforts. This is why the Winery takes full advantage of the estate’s vineyards which are the raw material for the production of its wines, and pays particular attention to the traits of the mesoclimate which offer its wines their particular style, distinctiveness and class. The Winery is constantly upgraded and is led by the evolution of its vineyards, in order to be able to respond to the quality and quantity dictated by the continuously increased demands as well as to new challenges faced. The wines of Ekfraseis Winery will impress with their distinctiveness, and increasingly penetrate the conscience of the consumers, and they have managed to repetitively be awarded in competitions as well as receive very positive reviews by specialists in the field, on a local as well as an international level. The winery also features a specially designed tasting room, open to the public, where guests can try the wines, converse with the individuals behind the production, and learn the secrets of the winery and the estate.