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      Everyone used to say that “Sofoklis’s wine is one of a kind”. I came to realize that the reason for his fine wines were his vineyards. He used to cultivate them with such care and devotion. He was always so open to new things, he wanted to learn and improve his techniques.

      My father, Theofanis Vlassides, comes from the occupied village of Rizokarpaso. He went to study Chemical Engineering, in Glasgow in 1954. After his return in 1962, he started his career in winemaking at KEO and afterwards he moved on to work at ETKO. He got married with Sofoklis Metaxas’s daughter, Maroula and he was mesmerized by the vineyard cultivation and vinification.

      In 1968 he took the big decision, to replant his vineyards on an experimental basis with international varieties such as Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon and Cabernet franc. He was one of the very few to dare this back then and by doing so he created a multi-variety vineyard with endless possibilities.