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      Costas Constantinou is a self-taught winemaker who makes his wine in a small local winery in the village of Pera Pedi. His involvement in production was not initially related to wine, because his first product was a pure and interesting orange liqueur which was given the name "Orali", a coined word from the combination of ora (orange) and li (liqueur).

      This liqueur, which came out in 1992, uses as raw material orange peel scrapings releasing extract in 600 alcohol for a period of two months. At the end of the extracting process the alcohol content drops to 35% vol. which is also the alcoholic title of the bottled product. In the last few years "Orali" acquired an additional dimension in the form of a second liqueur called "Orali Coffee Liqueur", a name that spells out the fact that it is produced with the addition of coffee essence. As regards wine, things are more recent but also more dynamic, as Mr Constantinou intends to throw himself heart and soul into this matter. He will be moving the business to a beautiful spot in the area where he is building a spacious, carefully designed modern winery capable of turning out 250 thousand bottles a year.