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      Our story begins in 1992 when Yiannis and Alexia Christoudia, the winery’s creators got married. Although Yiannis was working as an accountant, he started out by producing wine as a hobby. Having minimum oenological knowledge but a real love and passion for wine, Yiannis and Alexia Christoudia attempted to make their own wine from grapes they grew themselves. Initially, their friends and relatives loved the wine they produced and thus they decided to expand and create a small winery. It was originally named KRELAN and used to produce Tyhikos (Saint of Luck) wines.

      Recently it was renamed as Ktima Christoudia (Christoudia Estate) and it is located in one of the most picturesque villages of Cyprus, Kato Drys.

      All Yiannis and Alexia children’s share the same passion for quality wine and follow suit. They contribute in their own way to the winery by taking increasingly more important roles. The winery has now reached a production of 80000 bottles annually.

      The new winery in a perfect combination of traditional and modern style, surrounded by vineyards of only Cypriot grape varieties. The construction of the new phase began in 2008 after great effort, zeal and enthusiasm was completed in 2012. The new building includes four large distinct areas; the production line area, a wine cellar for the aging of the wines, the bottling area as well as a catering and tasting room.

      The wine production area -specially designed for receiving the grapes straight after the harvest and the smooth circulation of must and wine- houses all the necessary equipment for the production of high-quality wines of over 200 tons of grape. It consists of: a pneumatic press, special tanks for the pre-fermentation maceration (skin contact) of white wines, stainless steel fermentation tanks for white and red vinification with automated cooling system, oak fermentation vats for red vinification and stabilisation tanks.